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The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is designed to assist low-income families in existing single-family and multi-family housing in Lake County to reduce high energy bills by making homes more energy efficient.


Households meeting the income eligibility requirements can apply for services at Lake Community Action Agency, Weatherization Department 1217 Huffstetler Drive, Suite 12, Eustis, Fl. 32726. Due to high demand for assistance, applicants may be put on a waiting list. For more information on the Weatherization Assista

Lake Community Action Agency, Inc., through (WAP) provides energy efficiency services to low-income families, with priority given to the elderly, persons with disabilities, and families with children. Weatherization reduces energy costs for these households by increasing the energy efficiency of their homes, while ensuring their health and safety.


The program’s energy efficiency measures are installed free of charge for qualifying homeowners. Measures under the program include such items as: increased insulation for conditioned areas, weatherstripping and caulking around windows and doors, installation of low-flow shower heads, installation of flourescent lighting and possible upgrades to water heating and heating & cooling systems. In addition, in some cases products include: door & window replacements as well as appliance upgrades.


Lake Community Action Agency, Weatherization specialists’ use computerized energy audits and advanced diagnostic equipment to determine the most cost-effective measures appropriate for each home. Installed measures in many cases show energy savings up to $400 per year. These measures continue to save energy and money year after year, providing a long-term solution to high-energy bills for low-income families.nce Program, call 352-602-4488

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